Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have been looking at who visits this blog (which isn't much) and it mostly seems to be coming from a different country.  So, I am moving my favorites lists to a different place on the computer so I can still visit them (which is mostly what I do with this site anyway) and will not be posting anymore.  Perhaps I need to go back to plain old pen and Paper to do my journaling with.

Signing off for now!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer preparation

Well, our oldest is almost done with his first year at college.  Probably didn't do a very good job of it.  His ADD makes learning new systems challenging.  He is also struggling with keeping his spending in line (he likes gadgets and going out to eat!).  Anyway, he really didn't save any funds up and is now indicating that he will be moving home for the summer.  That isn't necessarily a problem.  The problem is that his job at the food service on campus is only open during the school year and so he needs employment for the summer.  We have been prodding him to get some applications out for a summer job but he doesn't seem motivated for that.  Then he informed us that he is planning on just doing "odd jobs" this summer!  PROBLEM there!!!  We think that is code word for just being lazy most of the summer while we pay the bills.  Needless to say....I am pretty ticked-off about that!
So, husband and I are going to sit down with him and let him know that if he doesn't have a 20+ hour a week regular job (or combination of regular "odd jobs") then he will need to sign up for some summer classes at the college.  AND possibly go on a summer mission's trip of some sort. 
I think that our son is in for some painful life lessons pretty soon.  This makes me sad but I am definitely praying for him!  Praying that he learns his lessons quickly and without too much pain.  It is hard to watch your child learn to fly! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Is anybody annoyed with the weather this spring?  We have had some summer-like days that required me to drag out shorts & t-shirts.  And now it is back to spring weather with temperatures around freezing at night and long-sleeved weather in the day!  At least there is no snow in the forcast :-)

The nice thing is that garden clean-up is great!  Pleasant days and NO BUGS!!!  I've enjoyed working through the areas that I clean-up last year with extensive weeding and mulching.   This year, those areas are just a quick run through for weeds and ready for action.  However, I am now ready to tackle our west fence line where I really haven't done much work and I know that it is going to be HARD WORK!  I will start with the deep pruning of the forsythia bushes (needed to do that for a couple of years now) and deep cleaning with a paper barrier and mulch on top.  This method keeps the weeds back well and eventually breaks down naturally.